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Car Photography

I created the Magicflash®  to bring car photography into the studio – and have hosted all the world’s manufacturers in the process.

Der erste Autoshooting: ein Beach Buggy
Ein Beach Buggy fährt über eine Sanddüne auf Fuerteventura

My picture of the month:
“Jumping the Dune” was my first professional car shoot. How my photos found their way into all the travel brochures and Fuerteventura became a vacation destination, you can read here. >> Picture of the month


Fall 2022

Up and Coming

René Staud in der Lounge der Staud Studios

Some of the most beautiful and rarest Ferraris will be on view in Munich, starting in mid-October: The Drivers & Business Club has asked me to show a few photographs of unique Ferraris that I had in the studio for the Ferrari Big Five event and the club’s annual meeting. And “Porsche Legends” is here! My new book on Zuffenhausen’s championship cars was published in early October. Lastly, I just reprinted two pictures for a benefit auction: “Form Follows Function” and “All Time Hero” will be auctioned off on October 22 in Munich as part of the Henrik TeNeues-Award.

René Staud in der Lounge der Staud Studios

Sportscar of the century

The Mercedes Coffee Table Book

On the 70th anniversary of the Mercedes SL, down to the day, we have published a new book featuring 125 of the most outstanding versions of this legendary car. This beautiful volume distills decades of work and represents the most extensive project of my entire career.

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Private Shoot

The perfect gift for a collector – A photo shoot at Staud Studios

Car collectors often love having their expensive vehicles photographed. Dozens of aficionados have brought their “sweethearts” to my studio to portray them in their best light. Please contact me if you are interested a private shooting.
René Staud bietet auch Private Shoots an
Der Dünensprung auf Furteventura

Jumping over the dunes

This was the shot that changed everything. 50 years ago, Fuerteventura was just an island in the Atlantic Ocean near the coast of Africa. Then came a visionary who built the first hotels, and my picture of a beach buggy, which was featured in countless travel brochures. That’s how I got my start as a car photographer.

Monolith in Water

Lake Murten, Switzerland. Aston Martin V8 Vantage, October 2002

Den Magic Flash hat René Staud in den 80er Jahren entwickelt

»I invented the Magicflash®, an ultra-large softbox to bring car photography into the studio

The breakthrough

I created the Magicflash® because I wanted to photograph large, highly reflective objects – such as cars – as design objects using a breathtaking lighting source. For that, I needed a softbox like the ones I had used earlier in my career to photograph jewelry and writing instruments: smooth, uniform light surfaces with a high flash output and clearly controlled color temperature that were easy to handle and adjust – only bigger. Much bigger. I ended up with a softbox nine meters long and one and a half meters wide: the Magicflash®, which revolutionized my business.


I had always wondered, why are cars always photographed outside, somewhere in a city or out in a landscape? Couldn’t one photograph them in a studio, like any other design object? That was how, in the 1980s, Staud Studios came to be.

The idea of photographing cars in a studio was groundbreaking. Within two years, we had to start working in shifts, because our studios were booked literally around the clock. Almost every car manufacturer in the world has brought their vehicles to be photographed in my studios in Leonberg since we opened our doors.

Die Staud Studios in Leonberg, gegründet von René Staud

»There are times where I have bought 20,000 DM of paint a month and hired four painters to work a night shift. They would come every night to repaint the studios afresh for the next day.«

Das Album über die Staud Studios


The studio spaces include my MagicFlash®, meeting rooms, creative spaces, image processing areas, cafeteria, museum area, and bar – not to mention guestrooms and a shower! We have everything you may need. Clients can watch the shooting in the studio from the “Skywalk” overhead.

Ein Maybach, fotografiert im Central Park in New York

Maybach meets Christo

New York, New York

»Beforehand, a work of art is just an idea – and after the fact, it is merely history

When Christo created his installation in Central Park, there was a no-fly zone over the city of New York. I was nevertheless able to photograph his legendary artwork from above, and I alone. These pictures in my archive are unique and cannot be found anywhere else. Christo and Daimler, one of the sponsors, asked me to photograph everything around the project: parties, visitors, and of course, cars.

I have also photographed Christo’s projects at Lago d’Iseo and more recently, in Paris. What fascinates me the most about his work is the sense of time: no matter how old you are, you still have to find a window on a given weekend, during a given week to be there. Beforehand, a work of art is just an idea – and after the fact, it is merely history.

You can see more of my work spanning five decades in my Showroom

Du kannst bei René Staud auch ein Private Shoot buchen

Private Shoot

A special gift for a collector

An individual session with René Staud as the ultimate artwork. Numerous classic car aficionados have asked me to photograph their collections, and this has given their vehicles a new form of artistic expression. Interested? Click here for more information

My photographs have been featured in more than one hundred books. You can order many of these from my e-shop, delivered to your door in no time at all, even with a signature or personal inscription from me.

Das Jaguar Buch, fotografiert von René Staud

The Jaguar Book

Highlights from racing history interspersed with movie appearances – an homage to the 60th birthday of the E-Type.

Das Porsche 911 Buch

Porsche 911

One of the most successful car books of the decade, now in a new format – over one hundred photographs and illustrations of the main models in the 911 family.

Das Bugatti-Buch, fotografiert von René Staud


The history of this cult Italian brand, told in 300 unique photographs, with texts in both German and English.

»When we are shooting on location, we have often rented out our studios to legendary photographers such as Reinhard Wolf and Rankin.«

Ein Foto aus dem Buch Milesstones von René Staud


Collectors' items

Do you prefer a classic or a collector’s car for your home? If you are looking for a beautiful car in the form of a signed and framed artist’s print to hang at home or in your office, you’ve come to the right place:

My favorite pictures

The stories behind my pictures are usually fairly brief, but the shoots were often sensational! Below is a brief selection of some of my favorite pictures and the stories about how they were made.

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Ein Porträt von René Staud


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