Das erste Autoshooting: ein Beach Buggy 1972 fotografiert auf Fuerteventura

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"Casa Atlantica 1972" - jump over the dune

“Jumping the Dunes” was my first professional car shoot – and my pictures helped turn Fuerteventura into a prime vacation spot

What was Fuerteventura like fifty years ago? A small island in the Atlantic, close to Africa, totally unknown here in Germany.

That changed overnight when a German real estate developer decided to develop the island in 1972 by expanding the airport and building hotels – and he brought me along to take pictures. 

I began by photographing the new hotel complexes. 

I used my imagination to help fill up the hotels with pictures of the biggest Christmas tree in the world, under the bright sun of the Canaries and at 30 degrees Celsius, eating mussels in a pristine cove on the beach, in the middle of a German winter, and of windsurfing, this cool, brand-new sport, in the waves of the Atlantic.   

People were just floored by it all. And I took pictures of it. 

My pictures ended up in travel brochures everywhere. Germany’s major travel agencies, Kaufhof, Karstadt, and Neckermann, and tour operators in general started advertising vacations on Fuerteventura, and the island soon became a big hit. 

My 1972 shoot of the beach buggy made me a car photographer.

Eine Wohnzimmerwand an der das Bild von René Staud hängt
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